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Facebox Video Production Studio creates engaging personalised video content for Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Email Campaigns, Trade shows and in store.



To make world class video commercials that cut through the noise, inspire, entertain and empower the consumer to make educated buying decisions. To deliver Video Production at a price point previously thought impossible by all business owners and operators. 



To utilise our unique subscription based payment system for video production to empower small and medium businesses giving them the leverage to grow. To become a "house hold" name to New Zealand businesses by Christmas 2018, while standing strong by our values.



  • Be world class
  • Seek to amaze
  • Operate with heart, humility and passion
  • Turn dreams into reality, with a CAN do attitude
  • Have fun and SMILE
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Dream big and leap!
  • Step up and do what others won't do so we can live a life others will only dream about