Yesterday I found out out I only had 6 weeks to live...


Or at least that's what I told my self. Soul searching, focusing on what's important in life is often that rare moment while we're stuck in traffic on some idle Wednesday, rushing up the road to get lunch because we need a screen, staff or sanity break.

This week was just like every other week for us, booked with meetings, shoots and a sea of emails. Late last week I called our producer and said I need to step back, please! block me out for an entire day.

So yesterday I spent the entire day alone at a friends bach with a white board. I sat down at the kitchen table, took a deep breath, wrote down 3 headings and proceeded to look at the macro.


The clarity I achieved from doing this was truly next level. If you are stuck in the micro, constantly focused on the day to day grind I highly recommend stepping back and taking a good hard look at your life and business. After all, if you found out tomorrow you only had 6 weeks to live isn't that exactly what you would do?

For you: Part of yesterdays planing was diving deep into a book entitled "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferriss. I discovered a great way to take and store my notes. If you haven't already download the Snapchat App, photograph your page, use the tools (see images below) then screenshot and upload to your drive/dropbox in the appropriate folder. have yourself an amazing week.

Be great