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Online videos are reaching more 18-49 year-olds in the US than ANY other broadcaster – prime time, broadcast or cable. 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers say their view of a brand or company has been influenced by an online video creator. It’s now estimated that by 2020 mobile videos will account for 75% of total mobile data. 75%! What do all these statistics mean to New Zealanders? It’s simple: if you’re not catching the online video wave, it’s time to get out of the ocean!

 Online video with Facebox

Video for social media is popular

Why have so many companies harnessed the power of videos for social media and why are videos so popular?

The answer is simple – video offers customers snack-able, attention-grabbing bites of information which are fun. What do people do with a video they like? They share it with their friends, and because those friends share it with their friends before you know it, your goofy video of a new shoe design has hit viral status, and due to that your links to your ecommerce site are going through the roof.

Yes, it’s that simple.


Creating videos creates more website traffic

Google loves video and when people share your videos, Google starts to notice you. It all comes down to creating an authentic brand, and the watching and sharing of videos is a great way to do this. Adding videos to your social media site creates another layer, another reason for Google to see you as an authentic and valued company or service.

Google is all about helping people find the answers, the product or the service they’re looking for, and as a result rewards sites for their authenticity. Video is a great way to show of your authenticity and therefore can go a long way to achieving the stats you need!


Connect with your customer

Customers like to know who they’re dealing with and want to have an emotional connection to businesses and services. Video allows your passion for your business to come through – and customers will respond to that. People will buy off someone they know, or feel they can relate to. Video helps customers connect with who you are and see what you love about what you do. Don’t think you’re good-looking, charismatic, or cool enough to make an online video? Think again! Latest research indicates that people respond even better to imperfection: so DON’T be scared to polarise your audience and get your face out there!

Of course no one wants to watch a shaky, badly lit, muffled home-video… In fact, the wrong kind of image is very off putting. Our advice? Use video production professionals and you’ll be fine!

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