Video has the power to move us emotionally... It can make us laugh and cry, sometimmes to business, video is a powerhouse of a tool.

 Compared to text or images, is like comparing a nail gun to your old hammer. If you're not currently using video to acquire leads, new customers, nurture relationships, train employees, show the world how your product/service works, tell your followers your back story, your "Why"... You are missing out on a whole world of at the same time!
It's this power that drives sales, customer relationships and brand loyalty. When it co



We produce video for businesses to help them grow.



 We love filming, we live and breathe the entire creative process and take massive pride in our work. Our team are affectionately called our "Facebox Family" Everyone that comes into our organisation becomes a member of our extended family. We eat, drink, laugh, dream, debate and lift each other up. We often film away on location and live together for days at a time. Every one of them lives and breathes our vision.


You will never be alone, we will hold your hand all the way. There are numerous cogs to the production wheel and I won't elaborate here, just know we are a full service Video Production house, from engagement to final delivery through to direction on video placement/distribution. We got you.


None of this matters of course unless you are getting a return on your investment. Unless you are getting more leads/clients/revenue or employee training/retention/satisfaction or Brand recognition and market penetration.

Video is the number one digital tool available today to generate leads and grow your business.


One company, Two objectives.

We don't just "make videos" we develop strategic plans that deliver ROI, while ensuring you develop meaningful relationships with your tribe at scale.



Blackmagic at the wharf


We get it, we understand that for a lot of business owners this new digital world can be a big scary place. There are a million road maps all promising to get you to your destination. Our process is transparent, our team are all based in New Zealand and everything we do at Facebox is underpinned by our values. So thanks for reading, thank you for taking time out of your day to check us out, we appreciate it.

This tells me you're searching, looking to dominate your space. It seems like we're on the same page. Reach out, send us an email with a question or two.
I have a feeling we might just have the answer.