Forget about video, forget about beautiful images and all of your friends loving your video

Video... Who cares, right? 

When it comes to business, video is a tool, nothing more.

   Yes we love filming, we live and breathe the entire creative process and take massive pride in our work  but none of that matters... None of it, unless it brings more customers through your door. So let’s stop measuring with “page views” How many “new likes” you’re getting and all the fancy metrics that make your entire being feel good with the exception of your poor old wallet. Video is the number one digital tool available today to generate leads and grow your business. However, knowing how to produce engaging content is one thing. Knowing how to use it to bring in a tonne of new business leads is another animal all together.

FACEBOX - One company, Two objectives.

You have probably already realised that we are different from other Video Production Companies out there. We are 100% focused on producing content to generate new leads for your business.
Turning followers into fans to establish long term brand loyalty.

We don't just "make videos" we develop a strategic plan to ensure you get the best ROI .


Blackmagic at the wharf


It's scary

We get it, we understand that for a lot of business owners this new digital world can be a big scary place. There are a million road maps all promising to get you to your destination. Our process is transparent, our team are all based in New Zealand and everything we do at Facebox is underpinned by our values. So cheers for reading, thanks for taking time out of your day to check us out, we appreciate it. This tells me you're searching, looking to dominate your space.

It seems like we're on the same page, flick us an email with a question or two, I have a feeling we might just have the answer.

It’s 2018...  Let us help you DOMINATE