5 step video production checklist

Video production checklist

Our 5 step checklist

Absolutely kill it! With our 5 step video production checklist. Your Mum will thank you, your business will reward you and your mates will praise you!

1 Identify the problem you are trying to solve.

What problem is the video meant to solve? Is the video intended to drive traffic to your landing page, raise brand awareness, encourage consumers to buy your product, and educate a new target audience on your new SAAS offering or Is it to create authority and build relationships virtually?

The list is limitless, but each problem or goal should include a video marketing plan so you can track the result. When X looks like Y then Z is accomplished.

2 Who are you solving the problem for?

We are creating a video to speak directly to your target audience. So who are they? 9 times out of 10 you will already have an avatar defined or at least have an idea of who your customers are or will be.

A video we create for a mid 50’s bogan will be very different from one we produce for 15 year old gamers who have handles like deathpunk69. Zooming in on this detail will really help with your ROI.

3 Creative treatment

A creative treatment is a document that presents the “big” idea of your video before writing the entire script.
Treatments are often written in the present tense, in a narrative style, and highlight the most important information about your video. Including the big idea, title, story summary, and character descriptions.

Fun fact, when sitting down with clients a couple of years ago they had this wonderful product idea. We called the video “The big idea” Because it was. That became the entire creative.

As well as presenting a .pdf we also deliver a video describing the treatment as we go through the document. This ensures the idea is relayed clearly, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Treatments provide a low-cost way for us to deliver the idea to you, prior to you investing in creating a kick-arse brand or marketing video. Once we get sign-off on a treatment we launch into the next step.

4 Script development

Whether you are presenting/acting yourself or we are using actors, script development is key in ensuring your messaging is speaking to your audience.
If it’s a creative video we are producing then we will write your script in-house and send it through to our client for sign-off.
If it’s more of a talking head (direct message to camera) video, then typically the client would write an outline or rough script and send it through to us to tweak and clean up. This is because they are an industry expert. Of course, we hold your hand all the way.
Throughout this process, we keep the problem we are trying to solve for you at the forefront.
This way the treatment is more likely to resonate with you and your audience.
Once we have sign-off on the script(s) we will develop a storyboard and shot list.

5 Logistics

In this phase of pre-production, we are booking locations, casting for talent (actors), specifying wardrobe and props needed, locking in the shoot day(s), and booking any additional film crew required.
Once everything is locked and loaded we create a shooting schedule and share the schedule with everyone.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail – Benjamin Franklin

It’s cliche but true, and the most important step when it
comes to creating your video(s).