Kevin - Director, Founder, Filmmaker

I suppose I could have written this in the third person to at least give you the impression that someone else on staff or some internet copy writer had crafted this paragraph of goodness, stuff that.

Hi, my name is Kev and you will not come across a single company in New Zealand that will work harder to help your business grow using the power of video. Your business means everything to me and my team, pick up the phone and call us. Lets engage, lets talk, lets start a conversation about how it's 2020 and we can give you the tools you need to dominate your space today.

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Raewyn - Boss ass bitch

Raewyn - Head of Production

Beautiful, stunning, slim, toned and ready for action. These are just a few of the words Rae would use to describe her phone. Raewyn has over 10 years experience in the Television industry donning credits ranging from directing nationwide simulcast multi cam live streams, producing, filming, editing right through to set design. This all round legend has her finger on the Facebox pulse and as our chief producer, Rae ensures every shoot turns out is as slick as her selfies.

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Team - River

Sarah - Producer

Behind the scenes there are often numerous logistics to ensure everything goes well on the day of filming.

Sarah's super power is juggling and communication. Her phone manner is only second to her efficiency. 

Team - Sean

Sean - Director Of Photography

An intellectual with the kind of respect every grandson should have. Sean has been trained by some of the best in the business and this shows. A natural story teller, who has a kind of sixth sense when it comes to capturing moving images.

Team - Tim

Tim - Our Audio Engineer 

They say some people have a sixth sense, Tim doesn't but he certainly got an extra serving in the listening department. From production to engineering his audio skill set and credentials speak for themselves. Tim also runs his own company, Belltech and provides amazing sound and lighting for numerous events. 

Dubsie - Our Writer 

Veteran of numerous advertising agencies, Craig or as he is more affectionately known "Dubsie" is our secret sauce. He adds the flavour, the spice and will communicate your brand story in a way that will mesmerise your target audience. Dubsie thinks outside the box 24/7 so if it is creative story telling you are looking for, welcome home.

Howard - Our Casting Agent

Hands down the most professional industry legend we work with. Howard books and looks after all the talent (actors) we need to breathe life into our videos. This man of many hats is also a veteran of the screen, featuring in numerous TV Series and Commercials. Wait! He's also a stuntman, seriously, I'm not joking. 


Team of editors

Tony - Head Editor 

They say a film evolves three times. Writing, directing and editing. Tony (AKA Cut Master T)'s attention to detail and artists work ethic is second to none. Editing is a crucial final stage, it can help set your brand apart from the pack. We are incredibly lucky to have one of New Zealand's best and most experienced editors heading our team of New Zealand based editors. 

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